A school that empowers K-12 students to chart their own educations based on their interests and passions

A school that empowers K-12 students to chart their own educations based on their interests and passions

A school that empowers K-12 students to chart their own educations based on their interests and passions

Pacific Sands Academy provides a personalized, alternative school program for students grades K to 12



We have been working with Shauna for the past year to recover credits our grandson needs to graduate in June. It is amazing to me how she quickly engaged him as she worked with him to tailor subject matter around his interests. Her unique approach and non-judgmental attitude were key factors in gaining his trust. She develops the program to meet the individual’s needs and she meets the kids at their level and on their terms. This means she rapidly gains trust and they can move forward with learning. Her flexibility in teaching allows the student to talk about their interests and these interests are absolutely brought into the curriculum. She truly cares about the student and her pricing structure is very reasonable. I would recommend her programs to help students learn the required subject matter and gain confidence in their ability to be creative thinkers. We would not be where we are today without her. Thank you, Shauna.

Kathy, grandparent

As a graduate of this program, I highly recommend it. Shauna is a people person and exceeds the call of duty at giving her students the education that suits their specific needs and goals. She’s someone you can rely on for advice and providing a fresh perspective. Also a fun person to talk to on a less professional level, her interests are varied and intriguing. As expressed, enrolling yourself or your child in this program would be a boon worth taking.

Norman, graduate

Pacific Sands helped put my anxieties about education at ease and had let me learn in a way where I finally felt like I wasn’t swimming upstream just to learn and pursue the opportunities I craved. Because of them I was set on a path which led me to work three summers in Yellowstone National Park and get my foot in the door of one of the most competitive federal departments: the National Park Service. I am now closer than ever to wearing the green and grey with two associates degrees and soon bachelors degree in a field where I get to share my passion for the outdoors and help people grow and become more confidant in themselves. Without an option for alternative education, I don’t know if I would’ve truly discovered many of my passions or felt so fulfilled; so for that I have to thank Pacific Sands for giving me a solid base to build off of.

R. Wagner, graduate

I really can’t say enough about Shauna and about Pacific Sands. I reached out to Shauna when both of my girls were enduring mental and physical health issues due to a difficult family situation. Their traditional high schools weren’t able to support or facilitate options for them and both were at a point of losing their credits for the year. I was at my end trying to find a solution that would get them through the school year without going backwards at such a difficult time. Shauna provided a warm, personalized program that nurtured their different learning styles and encouraged their curiosity. They both blossomed and felt so accomplished after finishing the year out. Shauna creates an academic environment that fosters a love of learning and applies the lessons learned to real life. The girls didn’t just cram useless facts into their heads in order to pass a test and then forget what they learned. They learned through mediums that allowed them to connect on a personal level to what they were being exposed to. All schools should seek to emulate this type of learning style. It works for very advanced and motivated students as well as students that are struggling and have lost interest in school. I only wish we found Shauna sooner!

Melissa W., parent

Pacific Sands Academy allowed my daughter to learn while doing the things she loved & re-ignited the passion for learning that public school had squashed.

Kerry Demott , parent

Pacific Sands has helped my teen so much. It allowed her to focus on and work on subjects that are important to her, while working on her portfolio, while enjoying it. This was an opportunity that lacked in her previous school. Pacific Sands has helped my daughter in more ways than the typical public school did. Public school felt like a waste of time and felt obnoxious to her as well. I highly recommend Pacific Sands— way more than any traditional school.

Anonymous parent

It’s so nice to find a program that helps different types of learners achieve their diploma. Not all students fit one mold.

Dawn K., parent

Shauna and Pacific Sands changed everything for us.  My daughter had struggled throughout her education previously and by high school, we were at our wit’s end.  I was not sure she was going to graduate.  With Shauna, not only did she graduate with a diploma, but she was supported and acknowledged for her strengths & encouraged to pursue topics and ways of learning that were truly interesting to her… She finally felt that it was ok to be herself.  Together, they developed goals based on Sara’s interests and her motivation and creativity blossomed.  I can’t say enough about what an amazing experience we had with Shauna & Pacific Sands.  Sara felt heard & acknowledged & really came into her own.  She is now attending college and thriving.  Thank you so much, Shauna!

Stephanie R., parent

This school was the best experience I’ve ever had. I was able to be on top of my Type 1 diabetes while learning. I was also able to surf all the time! I would 100% recommend this school to anyone looking for a high school alternative.

Anonymous student

I absolutely love Pacific Sands Academy. I am a student with a medical condition that forced me to drop out my junior year of high school in hopes of being able to complete my credits in some sort of online school scenario. My sister had completed her junior year at Pacific Sands Academy before me as well and she had an amazing experience. I knew I would be able to pick up my credits and work comfortably before my senior year. Shauna has made this transition so smooth and shes made me so much more confident about my future in academics. I cannot thank her and this program enough for what they’ve done for me and my academics. I LOVED the work I was given, I wanted to learn more and engage myself in the projects I was given, and for once I felt like I was completely in control of my education. If you ever need a school for students that want to think outside of the box and feel in control of their education, please consider Pacific Sands Academy.

Anonymous student

Pacific Sands Academy was a lifesaver for our teen daughter. The transition from a progressive independent school (K-8) to a public high school did not suit our daughter well. While my daughter was high honors and very engaged her freshman year of public high school, by sophomore year her grades and attendance flagged. She was uninspired, did not see why she needed to spend all day “locked up” learning stuff that didn’t seem to fit into her future. It became clear that she would need a different route to graduation. That’s when we found Pacific Sands Academy. By working with Shauna, my daughter was able to craft a self-directed learning program that allowed her to continue to explore her interests while satisfying all the requirements for graduation. She’s now looking forward to attending college in the fall. It feels like Shauna worked a miracle with our daughter.

Joining Pacific Sands Academy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It gave me the space to breathe and begin learning information that will help me with the path I’ve chosen. Shauna’s method of teaching allowed me to pursue multiple passions in a way that led to being accepted to my first choice college. I believe that schools like Pacific Sands Academy are the future of education and Shauna is the kind of person we want paving the way.

Anonymous parent

Pacific Sands Academy gave me a second chance at success. Without a diploma, college was not an option for me, but with PSA’s help I was able to get a diploma that allowed me admission to my local community college. Now I’m entering my senior year at a four-year institution and I have my sights set on graduate school.

Morgan, student

Since the 3rd grade my son, diagnosed with aspergers, has struggled with conforming to the structure of public school. Since we found Pacific Sands Academy, he has surpassed high school expectations in so many subjects. Learning the way he wants through documentaries, YouTube videos, websites he chooses and getting credit for it has given him so much confidence and a love for learning I hadn’t seen in years!

Lori P., proud parent

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