Is Distance Learning Working For Your Family?

If so, wonderful! If not, consider joining our program for the rest of this school year.

About Our Alternative Education Program:

Students meet with a teacher on a monthly or weekly basis and earn high school credits. Students can earn credits for their natural interests–for example art, music, skating, surfing, or following current events. They can also earn credits in subjects they traditionally don’t have much interest in by watching documentaries or completing projects of their choosing. Freedom is the name of the game for our Pacific Sands Academy students. We can work with what makes the most sense for your family- from following online curriculum to encouraging a new paradigm of self directed learning.

Students not yet in high school can enroll in Pacific Sands Academy 7-8 Program or our K-6 Program and families have the freedom to determine how to pursue your child’s education in whatever way you see fit– from following a rigorous curriculum of your choice to unschooling and self directed learning. You can also have access to an experienced homeschool teacher if you want. People local to Santa Cruz County can meet for socialization and networking.

Pacific Sands Academy students enjoy their childhoods and teenage-hoods again, and find they have time to pursue their real interests and passions. Families find peace. Please contact us for more information.

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