When you are ready to take the next steps, here’s what you do, and what to expect.


1. Have a conversation with Shauna Reisewitz first, so we can determine if this is the right fit for you. You will make a couple decisions from this conversation:

  • Whether you want accreditation or not
  • How much monthly or weekly support you would like from us

2. Enroll using this link.  During this process you will:

  • Make a choice regarding accreditation
  • Make a choice regarding support
  • In the files section, sign enrollment document and upload vaccine information

3. Shauna will send you an invoice based on your choices in Step 2.

4. You pay the invoice.

5. Shauna sends you Proof of Enrollment within a week.

6. During this week, you contact previous school and let them know you have enrolled your child as of ___ date, and they are attending Pacific Sands Academy or West River Academy

7. You can also set up your first meeting using this link.

8. PSA or WRA will contact previous school and ask for your child’s records to be released to our school.

Enrollment includes

1. We keep your child’s educational records’
2. We will give you a transcript or report card at the end of the school year
(You make an appointment on my scheduler to get this done.)
3. We send your records to your next school when applicable
4. Once per month parent coffee hours
5. Teen Discord meetings (for teens)- weekly
6. Access to Monthly- Weekly Support
7. Access to Diploma track and Graduation
8. Access to Pacific Sands Field Trips and Beach Days



1. Kid Zooms $35 per month
2. Family support $125 per month

  • This includes one to two meetings during a month (totaling about 1 hour)
    • Discuss how homeschooling is going
    • Play, literature, art, music, sports based eclectic homeschooling
    • Unschooling
    • Grade level standards (for those who want them)
  • Access to teacher via email or text throughout the month

3. Grades 7-8 can do teen mentoring

High School


Meetings are in 40-60 minute blocks on phone or Zoom.

1x per month $125
2-4x per month $225
5-8x per month $350

At the outset, we create an Individualized Graduation Plan for each student. We revisit this plan each semester.

  • What are your student’s goals?
    • Trade school?
    • Work force?
    • 4 year college?
    • Community college?
    • Just getting a diploma?
  • What credits does student need to graduate and meet their goals?
  • What credits should student earn this semester?
    • Credits student earns naturally
    • How to earn credits in interesting ways?

Meetings then morph to Mentoring meetings- We discuss personal goals around what teens naturally pursue.

  • We find interesting ways to earn credits
  • We discuss learning goals, what they are learning, new interesting ideas to pursue, overcoming difficulties
  • We share information, question ideas, search for answers together
  • We write together