2024- High School Graduates

Congratulations to the 2024 graduating class of our high school program:

Zach Cooper

Zach is our first graduate of the 23-24 school year, graduating after his first semester of his senior year. He is a very strong and competent young man who lives on a ranch and works with the cattle and horses. This ranch breeds top rodeo horses, and Zach participates in all aspects of the running of the ranch, feeding cattle, doctoring injured animals, training horses, and has an excellent work ethic.   He has earned much of his senior year credits through his pursuits there. I was really impressed by his skills, strength and character. He is considering joining the Army. You can learn more about Zach on his website.

Quin Zurek

Quin has been working with Pacific Sands Academy for a couple years. He enjoyed being able to learn the various topics he pursued, both through Crash Courses and through his own reconnaissance. Quin is an excellent gamer and has spent quite a bit time working towards creating a video game. He spent a lot of time building his digital library of skills- learning programs like FL Studio, Unity, Blender, and coding in different languages. He created his own website for fun, not just for graduation, that he will continue to build. Quin was always ready to meet and share his newly acquired computer skills with me. You can learn more about him here.

graduate 3

Wendell Kelby Tatum II

Kelby started homeschooling in 1st grade, and experimented with various curricula as he enjoyed his childhood. He became very interested in art at around 12 years old and started drawing prolifically, becoming a wonderful self taught artist. He uses pencil and fineliners, and his art is very detailed. He’s also incredibly athletic. As a young teen Kelby did a lot of gymnastics and horseback riding. Recently, he got a trainer who is encouraging him to run track. Nowadays he works out regularly (calisthenics- Can do 20 clean pull-ups in a row!), and sprint training, and plans to run track for the Victor Valley College. Kelby participates in Pathfinders (a program similar to Boy Scouts) where he’s learning various wilderness and survival skills. Kelby is planning on going into the trades and becoming an electrician. He’ll keep doing art and track as he pursues this career at Victor Valley. You can learn more about him and see some of his art here. Look for his “Immaculate” brand in the future. Merch with his art on it.

graduate 4

Sage Turri

Sage has homeschoooled his entire life, in fact he has unschooled (or freeschooled rather!). He has had a beautiful rich childhood- full of imagination, backpacking, gaming of all kinds, origami, stories, and a lovely family life- they still read aloud together! A big focus of his childhood and teen years has been Live Action Role Play- a form of cooperative storytelling, where characters are created and stories are acted out.  Here, Sage has learned  fantasy, medieval lore, character development, and costume design, and the imagination used is off the charts. He also trained to be a game master where he leads younger kids in this world- he even runs birthday parties sometimes! Sage hopes to continue costume design in the future, and will be taking courses at West Valley college in preparation to transfer to a costume design school in Italy.

graduate 5

Sam Pelissie

Sam homeschooled for much of his life. Through his childhood he practiced parkour, piano, choir and a lot of Scouting. He earned his Eagle Scout Rank at age 12! He joined John Adams Academy for his freshman and sophomore years, but then decided to finish highschool with Pacific Sands where he could educate himself more freely, pursuing his interests in real world work environments, physical fitness, and making 3-D printed products. He is super capable, responsible, ambitious, and self disciplined! In addition to waking up and working out every morning at 5 AM, he works full time in the Operations Department of a local Solar Company, where he flies drones, runs permits, and assists the installation crews. Sam is looking forward to attending a trade school program to become an electrician trainee. He plans to continue with this solar company as well selling 3-D printed items on Etsy.

Conor Wright

Conor came to us as an adult student who needed his high school diploma. As a young adult he has been deeply involved in digital arts, especially animation and story writing, and learning various computer  software programs to further this art. One of the professors at San Francisco Academy of Art was very excited and impressed by Conor, and he will be attending their institute in the fall!

Owen V.

Owen is another adult student who came to complete his high school diploma a bit later. He spent some important time in his high school years doing an intense wilderness program in Utah and is now successfully employed as a security guard.

Pacific Sands Academy students enjoy their childhoods and teenage-hoods again, and find they have time to pursue their real interests and passions. Families find peace, freedom, and better relationships with their teens. Please visit Pacific Sands Academy for more information.

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