Enrollment to Graduation

Enroll in Pacific Sands Summer Graduation Program and work on your online portfolio. Complete it in as little as 2 or 3 weeks or take the whole summer and graduate with an accredited high school diploma.

Graduation requirement: Complete an online portfolio that helps kickstart you into your next adventure. This portfolio will reflect your interests, passions, strengths and learning styles.

Summer Enrollment to Graduation: $1,000

*Enrollment Fee will include 2021-2022 school year enrollment fee should you choose to continue on in the 21-22 school year.

Enroll in Pacific Sands Summer Program– meet with a teacher weekly to set goals and go over course work that you will complete in a way that interests you. Complete a semester class in any 4 week portion of the summer, by setting goals and meeting with a teacher 2x per week. You will have plenty of time for other pursuits.

*Enrollment: $450

Tuition: $350 per 4 week “month”

*In California, each semester class is 5 Credits. In other states, a one semester class is 0.5 credits. We can accommodate whatever your current school needs.


K-6 Program
High School Program


7-8 Program