Homeschool Day Chart

by Jennifer Pearce

Quality is more important than quantity!

This chart may be helpful for you to see what a typical homeschool day might actually look like in reality. Homeschooling is not virtual public school, it’s not online classes done at home & it’s certainly not emulating public school @ home! Breaking from the mindset that a homeschool day needs to mirror what is traditionally thought of as a day at public school can be difficult for some. Knowing that it’s not necessary or even recommended to copy a typical school schedule for all grades is a mindset that can be hard to get away from, but once you do, you’ll have a better understanding of what it can be like & everyone will be so much happier!

So much of a typical public school day is riding a bus to & from, lining up, roll call, teacher talking about & enforcing rules, dealing w/discipline issues, lunch breaks, recess etc. When you homeschool, you are able to focus on what is most important for the individual child, their interest & you can go @ that individual’s child’s pace. They learn real life skills all day long through doing!
Learning doesn’t only happen sitting in a chair! Baking can easily be Math (fractions) & Geometry (volume). Maybe you had a discussion about why you can see the moon during the day – that’s Science. Maybe they played soccer with the neighborhood kids for an hour – that can be PE… you get the point. Learning happens through doing life, not always sitting in a chair!
There are times where it makes sense to sit down & learn at a table/desk. However, it’s important that we to stop judging productivity & how well we’re preparing kids for the future world by clocking the amount of time that they engaged in “schoolwork” sitting in a chair.
REMEMBER, this chart is showing what can be expected for seat work- learning happens all day long!!