Homeschool Support Program for Elementary-Aged Children

We offer a homeschool support program for families of elementary-aged children. Families can join our program and receive homeschool support and curriculum guidance from a California credentialed, homeschool teacher. Students too, have the opportunity to engage with other students in fun and creative ways on Zoom once per week.

For families local to the San Francisco or Monterey Bay areas, we will offer monthly outdoor field trips and park days as soon as we are allowed. Accreditation is optional. Children of families who opt for accreditation become students of Pacific Sands Program of West River Academy. All students are Pacific Sands Academy students.

Enrolling provides the following:

  • Enrollment in a California-recognized private school (PSP)
  • Academic & educational freedom
  • Maintenance of all legal school documents

Enrollment & Registration Fees

Pacific Sands Enrollment Fee

$47500per child

Ongoing Support Fees

Monthly Family Support

  • Meet with experienced homeschool teacher up to 1 hour per month for homeschool support

KidZoom Only

$6500monthly/per child
  • Weekly hour long KidZoom. Kids chat, share, play games, watch and discuss educational videos, etc.

Family Plan Plus KidZoom

  • Receive encouraging individualized support from experienced homeschool teacher and your child can participate in the weekly KidZoom.