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Alternative Education Program for Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers can participate in either the family or monthly mentoring program, or a combination. A family who has a middle schooler can use some of their 4 monthly meetings for their young teen to meet with our teen mentors. Parents may be more involved in helping middle schoolers identify and achieve their learning goals—and we can figure this out as we go. A mature 8th grader can do anything that a teen does in our teen program, while an 8th grader still cherishing and holding onto childhood can stay deeply involved in our family program.

Check out our FAQs for more information.

Middle schoolers will have their own weekly Zoom or Discord meeting.

Enrollment & Registration Fees

One Time Registration Fee

$5000per family

Pacific Sands Enrollment Fee

$25000per child

West River Enrollment*


*Optional accreditation by enrolling in our umbrella program

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Ongoing Support Fees

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Family Program

  • Weekly/monthly meetings with an experienced homeschool teacher (1-4 meetings per month)
  • Enrollment in a California-recognized private school (PSP)
  • Academic & educational freedom
  • Maintenance of student records
  • Weekly Zoom social hour for middle schoolers
  • Optional teen mentoring meetings
  • Families can use some of these meetings for their middle school mentoring and can purchase additional mentoring packages as necessary

Monthly Mentoring Program (Optional)

1 meeting


2-4 meetings


5-8 meetings


9-12 meetings*


*for siblings to share

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