Mystery Spot- How To Have Fun At This Spot

There are things you need to see to believe and the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz is one of them. It’s located on a gravity hill that causes angles to be disoriented and you have to see it to believe it. The layout of the land around that area creates an optical illusion that a downhill slope appears to be uphill, thus giving the visitors the misconception of orientation as well as height. For this reason objects may seem to be rolling up and people seem to be standing on slanted walls.

Since its discovery in 1939, the Mystery Spot continues to be a favorite spot of interest for all tourists that visit Santa Cruz. It’s a fun spot for all ages and after this mind blowing disorientation there is a 45 minute guided tour across a safe hiking trail where you get to enjoy the gorgeous towering Redwoods.


The Tilted Gravitational Anomaly– This is the Mystery Spot’s main attraction. Experiment it yourself and lean completely forward without falling over, you’ll also find some pot where gravity seems to be “faulty” and thereby allowing you to float small objects like empty bottles.

Nature Trail- When done with this Mystery Spot phenomenon, there is a beautiful nature path that will take about half an hour of pure plant and animal ecosystem. Besides the California Redwoods, you’ll see sweet smelling Eucalyptus trees, Oak trees and other native plants. The guides that accompany you on this trail give very engaging talks and demonstrations to keep the visitors interested while encouraging them to learn.

Other Fun Activities- There are pendulums, ledges you can step on and ladders to scale, after all, what is a Mystery Spot without some fun experimentation. There is a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy nature.

Eat and Drink- The Mystery Spot Snack Shack that is located right at the location offers a wide variety of both regular and vegetarian treats that you can enjoy at the picnic area and at the garden too. They also do catering services for large groups of visitors; all you need is plan with them in advance.


Entrance Fee- It is recommended that you purchase the tickets in advance, this can be done online. Alternatively it’s still possible to purchase the tickets at the entrance but with a risk of having to wait around to get a spot. This is particularly common on weekends and holiday when The Mystery Spot gets many visitors. Entry is free for children under the age of three.

Parking- Mystery Spot parking is payable on location.

There is wheelchair accessibility. Pets are allowed on leash.

The Mystery Spot is a very popular point of interest in Santa Cruz and can easily sell out on weekends and holidays particularly in summer.

It’s recommended that you arrive at least half an hour before your tour time, and when you realize you will be late, you can call and they will gladly reschedule your tour for when you will be available.

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