Pleasure Point Beach- A Spot You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you can picture a perfect beach with colorful scenes and a shoreline buzzing with surfers and people just enjoying the beach then Pleasure Point Beach that place, it’s the perfect picture out of a Hollywood movie.

It’s a vibrant destination for surfers situated at the east end of Santa Cruz. It earned its suggestive name from the mischiefs that took place here during the Prohibition-era. Today however, it’s truly the tourists’ perfect spot for anyone needing some few moments to just listen to the ocean waves.

Pleasure Point Beach is not the kind of beach where you can just lounge or sunbathe; it’s more of a staging spot for surfers or a view point to enjoy watching people ride the waves all day long. The staircase, benches, picnic tables and the cliff offer a place to sit and watch the activity below.


Sporty- Pleasure Point Beach events and activities revolve around the myriad of options that include beach cruising, surfing, skating and even picnics. Tourists are dazzled by the waterfront walkway that is part of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail that overlooks the Monterey Bay.

Shopping- Pleasure Point Beach shops stock with just the right apparel for this regions rich and firmly rooted surf culture. From flip-flops to surf tees and shorts, you’ll find the right gear to carry on the relaxed dress code legacy. You will also find beach or coastal house décor items, vintage attires and much more.  Its commercial hub is found at the cross of 41st Ave and Portola Dr. there are several shops along this palm tree fronted street.

Eat and Drink– Pick up your day with a good cup of coffee or latte and fresh pastries (that even the locals line up for) at the coffee shops at Pleasure Point. There are various restaurants and cafes all within close reach. Pleasure Pizza is popular and you can enjoy all these bites as you enjoy the cozy patios offered or you can carry them to your picnic area.

Other activities- As mentioned, Pleasure Point Beach has breezy picnic areas and picnic amenities such as tables, benches and restroom have been provided. There are also toilets and bike lanes.


The Annual Pleasure Point Street Faire takes place every end of June and it highlights surfing activities, skateboarding among other games and there are also food trucks to add to the celebration.


Dogs are allowed but they must stay on leash. Pleasure Point parking is free for street parking and the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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