Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk- What are The Main Attractions? 

Talk about a perfect amusement park by the seaside, this is what Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California is. It’s an admission free entertainment and relaxation area with exciting activities and events ideal for kids as well as adults. Considered as one of the seaside amusement parks in the world, Santa Cruz Boardwalk offers some classic as well as modern adventures and relaxation activities such as miniature golf, bowling, thrill rides and so much more.

This classic seaside park offers ticket options that are affordable and flexible in that you can purchase them per day or per season.


Thrill Rides- Santa Cruz Boardwalk rides are National Historic Landmarks, and they’re still thrilling riders to date! There is Giant Dipper roller coaster that will raise even your tiniest hairs with its deep dips, lifts and turns. There is also the Looff Carousel that prides of a unique ring toss that the absolute surprise element in this ride and is also ideal for the younger kids and people who prefer a milder ride. The Double Sot tower ride is for adrenalin junkies.

Boardwalk Bowl– this is directly opposite the Casino Arcade and offers a state of the art family bowling center.

Buccaneer Bay Mini Golf- enjoy miniature golf by the seaside with the 18-hole course that features a pirate theme. It’s open daily, often between 10am to 10pm even though these hours may vary.

Neptune Kingdom- this is another fun zone that offers various games such as ping pong, magic tricks, pranks, gags and more. It’s also open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Casino Arcade- this is another gaming zone that features a shooting gallery, 300 plus video games, air hockey and so on.

Cali Caricature- get your own caricature as a seaside amusement park souvenir.

Fright walk- this is the famous walk-through under the boardwalk that features scares. Even the bravest will find something to scare them thanks to the classic as well as high-tech scares used.

The Vault Laser Maze Challenge- a great challenge to test your balance as you navigate without touching the laser beams through the maze. Compete with friends or with your own record.


The Santa Cruz Boardwalk events only accept cashless payments while the arcade games only accept MyBoardwalk Cards only.  The cashless payments include Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Discover. Ticket prices are the same across all ages and they are also offered in a range that can meet you ideal budget.

Admission is free and open to the public even when the rides are not open.

Bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller blades are not allowed in the park. If you get there by a bike, there are bike racks near the Casino Arcade, the Neptune Kingdom and at the entrance 3/Looff Carousel and finally at the River Parking Lot entrance.

Alcohol is not allowed at the beach, it is however allowed on the Boardwalk though not on bottles, for safety reasons.

The best time to visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk might vary with your interest, but summer weekends have more people while spring and fall are least crowded.

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