Santa Cruz Main Beach- What Are The Main Attractions?

Also known as the Boardwalk Beach, the Santa Cruz Main Beach is the top destination for families in summer time and for good reason. It shows off a vibrant beach culture balanced by undeniably warmer waters. This main beach is often busy with many tourists, surfers, sunbathers and volleyball players.

It’s also well equipped with all the necessary amenities including restrooms, lifeguards, gaming zones, amusement park rides, outdoor showers and a row of hotels and restaurants. The panoramic views make it perfect for relaxing or taking strolls, the options are endless.

The Santa Cruz Main Beach is free to visit year round, due to the high population of surfers, there is a swimming section marked using buoys to prevent a collision between the surfers and the swimmers.


Volleyball- Santa Cruz Main Beach has 16 large volleyball courts that also host international tournaments besides the casual local players. This is especially thanks to the fact that the waves are gentle and the beach has a wide sandy shoreline.

Amusement Park- There are a variety of seaside roller coasters and rides that can work for both kids while others are great for adults. There is also an arcade where fun seekers can play laser tag, air hockey, pinball and over 300 video games. Other fun activities at The Santa Cruz Main Beach include a bowling alley, swimming pools, mini golf and more.

Eat and Drink- There are several regular restaurants and sea food restaurants and snack stands on the beach. Enjoy the famous beach walk corn dogs, seafood chowder bread bowls, cheeseburgers and more food variety. Other sweet treats include caramel apples, saltwater taffy, root beer floats and so forth.

Relaxation- Santa Cruz Main Beach may be abuzz with activity, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot relax; it’s a wide beach that’s still perfect for sunbathing, picnics and other such relaxation activities.

There are lifeguards surveying the beach throughout and therefore a safe place to swim.

Other fun activities include

  • Walking
  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Sightseeing
  • Fishing
  • Paddle boarding and so on.

Other Amenities include Kayak rentals, Pier.


Santa Cruz Main Beach entry is free and is always open.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Beach wheelchairs are available and you can hire them out at the parking ticket booth.

Finding parking can prove to be a daunting task if you arrive late on a weekend or any day during summer. It’s therefore best to get there early and not only find a parking spot, but also a good spot to do your activities. After all, it’s Santa Cruz Main Beach. When you don’t want to get to the beach early you can hire a taxi to avoid the hustle of looking for parking.

The Volleyball courts are a first come first served basis but a reservation is always encouraged.

Many concerts and other events are regularly held on the beach you can check out their website.

Learn about the University of California at Santa Cruz.