Summer Credit Recovery Program at Pacific Sands Academy

Does your teen lack credits to graduate on time?  Is there a particular course that your teen has struggled with and has had a hard time passing? Is there a course your teen dreads taking in order to graduate?

Consider our Summer Credit Recovery Program. We work with teens to earn credits in ways that interest them—that they can complete at their own pace. They work one-on-one with one of our teachers and come up with learning goals that they agree with. They meet once or twice a week. These meetings are flexible, fun and relaxed.  For juniors and seniors, they can potentially even graduate early!

Students earn credits doing things like these:

  • Setting up an Etsy shop they have been meaning to set up

  • Fixing up their car or motorcycle

  • Taking a road trip and discovering new and exciting places

  • Trying out new recipes

  • Building a piece of furniture

  • Working a job

  • Watching a favorite You Tube channel and discussing it

  • Reading a book they love and writing about it

  • Following current events

  • Surfing and learning about tides and currents

  • Making YouTube videos

  • Watching a Crash Course your Tube series

  • Watching documentaries about various topics

  • Spending time outdoors: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing

  • Composing, playing, writing, or producing music

  • Creating art

The options are truly limitless!

Complete a semester class in any 4 week portion of the summer, by setting goals and meeting with a teacher 2x per week. You will have plenty of time for other pursuits.

Schedule a 30 minute meeting using our scheduler to find out if our program is a good fit for your teen. We would love to brainstorm with you on how we can help to make your teen’s high school years more interesting and complete.

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